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Legacy API to API v1.1 Parameter Map

The following document defines the parameters used within the Legacy API schema and how those parameters map to the new API v1.1 system.

Install Report

Legacy API API v1.1
adid install_devices_adid
android_id install_devices_adndroid_id
android_md5 click_idnetifiers_android_id_md5
android_sha1 click_idnetifiers_android_id_sha1
campaign_id attribution_campaign
campaign_name attribution_campaign_name
click_date install_click_date_utc
click_id kochava_click_id
country_code click_country_code
cpi_price install_price
creative click_creative
device_ver click_device_ver
idfa install_devices_idfa
idfv install_device_ids
install_date install_date_utc
kochava_device_id install_kochava_device_id
matched_by install_matched_by
matched_on install_matched_on
network_id attribution_network
network_name attribution_network_name
request install_original_request
site_id install_site
tracker_id attribution_tracker
tracker_name attribution_tracker_name

Event Report

Legacy API API v1.1
att_caid attribution_campaign_id
att_camp attribution_campaign
att_crea attribution_creative
att_netw attribution_network
att_site attribution_site_id
att_tier attribution_tier
att_trac attribution_tracker_id
detail install_device_ids
dev_id kochava_click_id
dev_os device_os
dev_type device_type
eng_acqu impression_date_utc
eng_sess impression_imp_id
eve_sum dimension_sum
eve_time timestamp_utc
eve-data dimension_data
geo_city clickgeo_city
geo_code clickgeo_country_code
install_time install_date_utc
time_end attribution_timestamp
time_start timestamp_utc

Campaign Summary

Legacy API API v1.1
date datetime_utc
campaign_name campaign_name
campaign_id campaign
network network_name
impressions click_matched_to_imp_count
click_duplicates click_duplicate_count
clicks click_count
matched_installs install_matched_to_imp_count
spend click_spent

Click Report

Legacy API API v1.1
Date (UTC) click_date_utc
Status click_status
Primary Identifier click_device_id
Campaign ID click_campaign
Network ID click_network
Site ID click_site
Creative ID click_creative
Partner Click ID partner_click_id
Kochava Click ID kochava_click_id
Device ID click_identifiers
Device ID Type click_device_ver
Device ID isHashed and
Device ID Hash Method
Origination IP click_ip
Prior click_duplicate
Matched Impression impression_matched_click
Matched Install impression_matched_install

Get App Summary

The information contained within the Get App Summary Legacy API report can be located within the Kochava UI, for more information on a specific app refer to our Create/Edit Apps support documentation.

Enumerate Analytics Events

The information contained within the Enumerate Analytics Events Legacy API report can be located within the Kochava UI, for more information on Analytics refer to our Analytics Overview support documentation.