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SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1)

A cryptographic hash function.

A value which signifies the App or Website in which an ad is served. In order to get meaningful data for attribution and performance analytics, networks should provide this information to allow advertisers a primary identifier with which to optimize their campaigns.(e.g.

Short Message Service – Also known as “text message”. SMS allows a user to send a short message of up to 160 characters from one mobile device to another mobile device.

Site-Supplied Click String:
A third-party (usually site) redirect that can be used within an ad tag to allow that third party to count clicks.

User-generated keywords that provide a concise description of a campaign, site or app.

Various criteria used to define the intended audience for a campaign.

The Theta Sketch Framework is a mathematical framework defined in a multi-stream setting that enables set expressions over these streams and encompasses many different sketching algorithms.

The ability to assess the performance of a site, app or ad campaign.

Device-level lifetime value (LTV) of a user within Kochava Analytics based on revenue from downloads, in-app purchases, subscriptions and ad-generated revenue.

The science of building an audience and brand. A quantitative approach to marketing with a specific goal of gaining customers.