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Campaign Cost and ROI

Cost data ingested into and visualized within the Kochava Analytics dashboard.

Windows Store Campaign ID

The act of clicking on an ad (banner or text link) that has been served to a mobile screen.

The sum of click costs.

Some networks do not rely upon the Kochava redirect URL, rather they provide Kochava with a direct feed of the click information through the parameter ‘pbr=1’. In this case, clicking on the Kochava redirect URL will not redirect the user to the destination URL.

Also redirect URL or tracking URL. The Kochava generated URL that contains dynamic parameters which are replaced with device identifiers from the network when properly placed within the networks system.

Total number of clicks.

Network where the last click before the install happened.

Aggregate number of clicks per single conversion.

A television that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available through the normal offering from a cable provider.