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A mobile handset that enables the end user to interact with sites and apps.

A media market, broadcast market, media region, designated market area (DMA), television market area, or simply market is a region where the population can receive the same (or similar) television and radio station offerings, and may also include other types of media including newspapers and Internet content.

Advertising platform that makes it easier for an advertiser to buy and sell advertising on multiple ad exchanges.

Any event call instrumented within the SDK (or sent server-to-server) will automatically be provisioned within Kochava.

URLs that send users to predefined destinations based on device platform, OS (Operating System) version, location, and a variety of other defined targeting criteria.

Effective cost of each click, calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of clicks.

The total campaign cost divided by the amount of effective installations (i.e., installations as a direct result of an ad click).

Metric for measuring revenue generated across various marketing channels, and is calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of impressions in thousands.

Total number of events.

The percentage of ad requests that are filled with ads (that is, where an ad is displayed to the end user).