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A method of performing attribution when no device identifiers are present. Fingerprinting is 85 – 90% accurate and relies on IP address and user agent. FIngerprinting is configurable on 3 levels Full Fingerprinting, IP Only Fingerprinting and IP Range Fingerprinting.

Facebook Marketing Partner: Trusted partners integrated with Facebook, organized by expertise such as Ad Technology, Media Buying, Facebook Exchange, Community Management, Content Marketing, Small Business Solutions, Audience Onboarding, Audience Data Providers and Measurement.

The practice of attributing an install or event across more than one source based on the recency of a click or impression.

A feature which identifies fraud and potentially-fraudulent traffic within campaigns.

Google Click Identifier — A unique tracking parameter that Google uses to transfer information between a Google Ads account and a Google Analytics account.

Returns the serial number of the unit running the script. This is a 12 character alphanumeric string.

An Android-specific identifier used for ad tracking. Install referrer is a unique string sent to the Play Store when a user clicks on an ad that is similar to device IDs and device fingerprinting. When the app is installed, the referrer is sent to Kochava and may be used for attribution or to mitigate fraud.

An algorithm for the count-distinct problem that approximates the number of distinct elements in a multiset.

The sum of impression costs.

Total number of impressions.