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Kochava Collective®

The Kochava Collective, the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, enables marketers to purchase mobile audiences and activate them via leading Media Supply Partners globally at scale.


Data Needed Before Beginning the Process:

  • Marketers:
    • Complete a terms of service agreement with Kochava.
    • User account within Kochava with permission to the Kochava Collective.
  • Supply Partners:
    • Signed Service Agreement to become part of the Kochava Collective.
    • User account within Kochava with permission to access the Kochava Collective.

Navigating the Kochava Collective Dashboard

  • Overview: A high-level dashboard of the Kochava Collective universe, including an overview of the marketplace itself, top destinations, and recently accessed audiences specific to the buyer account.
  • Audience Builder: A robust tool with real-time audience size estimates and visual representations, that enables the creation of custom audiences defined by metrics such as geography, demographics, interests and behaviors, points of interest, app usage, web usage, device, carrier data, as well as suppression of other purchased or uploaded audiences.
  • Audience Explorer: A collection of predefined audience cohorts which can be easily activated with a partner or saved to the Audience Manager.
  • Audience Manager: The collection of custom built, pre-packaged, or uploaded audience groups which can be easily organized, activated, customized or archived.
  • Users: Provides access to create and edit users.
  • Supplier Overview: Provides a high level display of the device information submitted by a specific supply partner, with views into the status of prepackaged audiences and an overview of any configured API data feeds.

Kochava Collective User Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Collective > Overview.


NOTE: By default, the Kochava Collective Overview UI (User Interface) is loaded.

Kochava Collective Overview

The Kochava Collective Overview contains high-level device information specific to each user account. That information is divided into four main sections, including:


Unique Device IDs:

A time series graphical representation of the number of Device IDs in the Collective, as well as the platforms, makes and languages associated with the devices. This view includes statistics on the number of total device IDs, as well as the number of new and active devices in the last 30 days. Mouse-over any of the graphs will display associated data.


Unique Device IDs


Top Apps and Categories Overview:

A graphic display of the top apps and top app categories within the Kochava Collective. Mousing-over the top apps will display the app name, platform, quantity of devices and the percentage of the devices with the app installed. Mousing-over the top categories will display the category name and the quantity of devices within the category.


Top Apps and Categories Overview


Audience Segment Overview:

The Recent Activated Audiences section provides the account specific overview of the recently audienced segments segments. Each audience segment’s name, size, type and activation destination is displayed.

The Trending Audiences section provides the top trending global prepackaged audience segments. Each audience segment’s name and size is displayed. Click the Audience Tools menu () on the Trending Audiences to Save to Audience Manager or Activate with Partner.


Audience Segment Overview



The Geography section is a map displaying the countries where device information originated. Countries are shaded to indicate the percentage of Kochava Collective data associated, with light blue indicating a smaller amount of data and dark blue indicating a high level of data. Countries indicated in gray do not have any data contained within the Kochava Collective.


NOTE: In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Kochava Collective will no longer include any data from the European Union (EU).




Top Activation Partners:

The Top Activation Partner section provides an overview of the top partners where audience segments from the Kochava Collective have been activated. Click on the menu button () to the right any Activation Partner’s icons to access the partner configuration settings.


Top Activation Partners

Audience Builder Overview

The Audience Builder is a powerful tool enabling the creation of custom audiences using the data available in the Kochava Collective. In Audience Builder, audiences can be refined by a robust set of filters including Geography, Points of Interest, Demographics, Mobile App Usage, Interests and Behaviors as well as a variety of other metrics. Audience size limits and suppression of apps and audiences are also available to further refine an audience.

As filters are selected the estimated number of devices, the top apps and top categories, and the associated geographic locations of potential audiences are updated in real-time.


Audience Builder

Audience Explorer Overview

The Audience Explorer provides a marketers with access to a robust list of predefined audiences available for targeting. Each audience segment displays the category, name and the number of device IDs within the segment. An audience tool menu (⋮) is provided allowing the audience segment allowing the user to activate directly with a partner or save the audience segment to Audience Manager for future use.


Audience Explorer

Audience Manager

The Audience Manager contains a repository of audiences saved from Audience Explorer (PREPACKAGED), audiences built using Audience Builder (CUSTOM), audiences uploaded using the Import An Audience feature in Audience Manager (UPLOAD), and lookalike models generated from existing audiences (LOOKALIKE). Audiences in Audience Manager can be organized by various filters and sorting tools, as well as a live search.

NOTE: Audience Manager is specific to each individual account. Each user within said account will have the same instance of Audience Manager.


Audience Manager



The Users page provides access to the users associated with the associated account. A search feature is provided to easily locate specific users as well as sort options to organize users by alphabetic order or date.

User account can be edited to update a variety of settings including name, email, password, groups, currency, time zone and language.




Partner Configuration

The Partner Configuration page enables users to enter login information for configured partners.


Partner Configuration


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