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Audience Explorer

The Audience Explorer provides access to predefined audience segments. Each audience segment was created by Kochava to provide easy access to highly useful and effective groups of device IDs. Clicking on an audience segment will provide the details of the metrics used to create the segment. Each segment can be activated with a partner or saved to the Audience Manager.

Kochava Collective® Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Collective > Audience Explorer.

Audience Segment Search Tools

Audience Segments can be searched for by the use of any of the following:
  • Search By Name — Type part of or the entire name to locate a specific audience segment.
  • Sort — Audience segments can be organized by:
    • Relevance
    • Created (newest — oldest)
    • Device Count (highest — lowest)
    • Name (A — Z)
  • Category — Audience segments can be organized by:
    • Any
    • Books & Reference
    • Business
    • Demographics
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Finance
    • Food & Drink
    • Games
    • Health & Fitness
    • Lifestyle
    • News & Magazines
    • Other
    • Photo & Video
    • Shopping
    • Social & Communication
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Tools & Utilities
    • Travel
  • Country — Select the desired country to filter by.
  • Activation Partner — Audience segments can be organized by:
    • Any
    • Aarki
    • Adcolony
    • Adelphic
    • Aol-One
    • Applovin
    • Appnexus
    • Berlin
    • Bidswitch
    • Dcmn
    • Doubleclick Bid Magager
    • Drawbridge
    • Emodo
    • Emodo Ssp
    • Facebook
    • Inmobi
    • Ironsource
    • Loopme
    • Mediamath
    • Mediasmart
    • Modsta
    • Motive Interactive
    • Smadex
    • Snapchat
    • Tapjoy
    • The Trade Desk
    • Thinknear
    • Tubemogal
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo-Gemini


Search Tools

Audience Segments

Each audience segment displays the segment name, category and number of device IDs within the segment. Clicking of an audience segment will display the details of that segment.


Audience Segments

A. Selected Audience Segment
B. Segment Details

Audience Tools

The Audience Tools menu () provides easy access to view audience insights, activate audience segments with partners, save the audience segment to the Audience Manager or customize the selected segment. The menu can be accessed through the Audience Explorer dashboard or within the detailed section of a selected audience segment.

NOTE: The Customize audience feature is not available on location-based audiences.

Audience Insights

The Audience Insight tool provides a deep look into the specific aspects of the devices that make up the audience segment.

  1. Locate the desired audience segment.
  2. Select Audience Tools () > Audience Insights.

    Audience Insights


    The details of the audience segment such as the make of the device, language of the user, the device carrier and other general settings. The Audience Insights can be saved as a PDF, by Clicking Print.


    Audience Insights Details

    A. Audience Segment Details.
    B. Audience Insight information may be printed.

Activate with Partner:

Desired audience segments can be quickly activated with an integrated partner.

  1. Locate the desired audience segment.
  2. Select Audience Tools () > Activate With Partner.

    Activate With Partner


  4. Locate the desired Activation Partner and Click on the activation partner’s logo.
  5. Adjust any partner settings.
  6. Click Send to Partner.
  7. NOTE: For more information about configuring a partner, refer to our Kochava Collective Partner Configuration support documentation.


    Activate Audience

    A. Partner Settings, adjust if needed and Click Send to Partner.

Save to Audience Manger:

  1. Locate the desired audience segment.
  2. Select Audience Tools () > Save to Audience Manager.
  3. NOTE: For more information on the Audience Manager, refer to our Kochava Collective Audience Manager support documentation.


    Save to Audience Manager


Customize allows the modification of a predefined audience segment.

  1. Locate the desired audience segment.
  2. Select Audience Tools () > Customize.



    The audience segment is now transferred into the Kochava Collective Audience Builder with preselected audience filters. For more information about modifying the audience segment refer to our Kochava Collective Audience Builder support documentation.


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