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Kochava Collective for Publishers


The Kochava Collective brings together top publishers, networks and platforms with savvy advertisers and robust mobile data solutions; Kochava Collective is the most efficient audience targeting tool in the mobile industry.


Data Needed Before Beginning the Process:

  • Signed Service Agreement to become part of the Kochava Collective.
  • User account within Kochava with permission to access the Kochava Collective.


Use Cases for the Kochava Collective:

Publishers or networks who join the Kochava Collective will be matched with advertisers seeking to target users available on their supply for a variety of campaign types:

  • Targeted User Acquisition and Brand Awareness: Advertisers wanting the ability to locate a specific audience segment based on known user interest, location, device type, connectivity, engagement and more.
  • Retargeting Existing Users: Advertisers seeking to reengage their existing users by targeting specific lists of users with a goal of driving them back to the app or site.
  • Lookalike Modeling for Growing a User Base and Brand Presence: Advertisers who utilize specific lists of users and leverage the Kochava Collective to create lookalike models of custom audience segments that they can target for customer acquisition.

Kochava Collective Publisher User Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select Account Options>Kochava Collective.


Account Information

The Account Information section provides the Current Balance, Most Recent Order and the Most Recent Credit within the Kochava Collective account.


The Current Balance is the available balance for purchase within the Kochava Collective.

The Most Recent Order is the unique ID for the latest order within the Kochava Collective.

The Most Recent Credit is the last amount deposited into the account balance within the Kochava Collective.


Publisher Supply to Kochava Collective

The Supply section provides the Total Device IDs, New IDs and Active IDs that have been supplied to Kochava Collective.


The Total Device IDs represents the number of device IDs that a publisher has contributed to the Kochava Collective.

The New section represents the number of device IDs that have been contributed to the Kochava Collective within the last 30 days.

The Active section represents the number of device IDs that have performed an install or post-install event within the last 30 days.


Demand on Publisher Supply

The Demand section provides the Total Device IDs and the New IDs that have been purchased through the Kochava Collective.


The Total Device IDs provides the total number of devices that have been purchased from the publisher.

The New IDs provide the number of IDs that have been purchased within the last 30 days from the publisher.


Order History

The Order History section provides details on the orders that have occurred against the publisher’s supply of device IDs.


The Date indicates the date when the order occurred.

The Audience ID is a unique ID associated with the collection of device IDs the were purchased.

The Segment Key is a unique ID used to retrieve the segment information.

The Advertiser is the purchaser of the audience segment.

The Device IDs are the total number of IDs purchased with each order.




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