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Kochava Collective Seed Audience

The Kochava Collective Seed Audiences are comprised of highly segmented device_ids that closely match your target audience. The Seed Audience can be uploaded into Facebook automatically and a lookalike audience can be generated, providing a much wider reach into new audiences whom may be interested in your app due to their similarity to the original Seed Audience from the Kochava Collective. The following document defines the process for using a Seed Audience from the Kochava Collective for campaigns run on Facebook by first associating a Facebook Business Account with Kochava, then selecting a specific Seed Audience.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:


Facebook –

  • Facebook Business Manager account
  • Set up a Facebook Ad Account


NOTE: For more information about setting up a Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account, refer to the Facebook for business support documentation.


Snapchat –

  • Snapchat Business Account
  • Snapchat Ad Account ID


NOTE: For more information about setting up a Snapchat Business Account, refer to the Snapchat for business support documentation.

Partner Configuration User Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired app.
  3. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.



  5. In the Live Search field, type Facebook or Snapchat.
  6. Select a Network:
    • Facebook>Network Tools>Credentials.
    • Snapchat>Network Tools>Credentials.

Facebook Credentials

Kochava has made it easy to authenticate a Facebook account to a Kochava account.


NOTE: A different Facebook account may be authenticated with either the Kochava Collective or Cost data within Kochava.


Authenticate with Facebook:

  1. Click Log in with Facebook.



  3. Enter a Facebook User Name.
  4. Enter the account Password.
  5. Click Log In.




    A. Click to view data that Kochava will receive.

  7. Click Ok.

    NOTE: Click Choose what you allow to view the data that Kochava will receive from Facebook.


    BEST PRACTICES: In order to operate effectively, Kochava needs to be allowed to Manage your business, Manage your ads and Access your Facebook ads and related stats. It is required that all of the settings remain checked.



    A. Leave all options checked

    NOTE: Before a seed audience is generated, ensure that the Facebook’s custom audience terms of service has been reviewed and accepted. If the terms of service has not been accepted, the seed audience can not be successfully sent to Facebook.


Locate Facebook Ad Account ID:


NOTE: It is recommended to open a separate browser window or tab to access Facebook Business Manager.


  1. Click on the provided link to locate the Facebook Ad Account ID (multiple ad accounts viewed through Business Manager) or Facebook Ad Account ID (single ad account), and select the desired Ad Account.
  2. Copy the Ad Account number from the Facebook Business account.


    A. Copy the Ad Account ID


Adding an Ad Account ID:

  1. Select the desired Collective Ad Account ID.

    NOTE: If the desired Facebook Ad ID is not located within the drop-down box, ensure that the proper Facebook Credentials have been entered.


    A. Select the Facebook Ad ID from the drop-down list.


  3. Click Save.

Snapchat Credentials

Kochava has made it easy to authenticate a Snapchat account to a Kochava account.


Authenticate with Snapchat:

  1. Click Sign in with Snapchat.


  3. Enter a User Name.
  4. Enter the Password.
  5. Click I’m not a robot.
  6. Click Log In.


  8. Authorize Application, Click Accept.


    NOTE: Once the Accept button has been clicked, the user will be navigated back to the Kochava UI.

    NOTE: The Ad Account ID for the associated Snapchat account will be imported into the Kochava UI.


  10. Click Save.

    A. The associated Ad Account ID is imported once the Snapchat account has been logged into.

    Add a Seed Audience

    1. Select App Tools>Kochava Collective.


    3. Click Add a Seed Audience.
    4. Select a predefined Seed Audience.
    5. Select a Destination:
      • Facebook
      • Snapchat
    6. Enter a Purchase Order Authorization Code.
    7. Click Generate.

      A. This section provides details about the selected Seed Audience.
      B. Select the Destination (Facebook or Snapchat).


      NOTE: Once the seed audience has been generated, the audience will be sent to the associated Facebook Business account. By selecting the generate a lookalike audience within the Facebook UI from the seed, Facebook will grow the available audience with users who are similar to the original seed audience.

      NOTE: As soon as the seed audience is generated within Kochava, the audience is available within the associated Facebook Business account.

      NOTE: Seed audiences are available on a temporary basis. New seed audiences will be available in a variety of useful configurations over a period of time.


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