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Supplier Overview

The Supplier Overview page provides a graphic representation of the number of Device IDs and the platforms of those devices, as well as the top apps and web destinations accessed by users.

Kochava Collective® Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Collective > Supplier Overview.

Supplier Overview

The Supplier Overview contains high-level device information specific to each supplier account. That information is divided into four main sections, including:


Unique Device IDs:

A time series graphical representation of the number of Device IDs the supplier has provided and the platforms, make and main language associated with those devices. Includes statistics on the number of total device IDs, as well as the number of new and active devices in the last 30 days. Mouse-over any of the graphs will display associated data.


Unique Device IDs


Top Apps and Categories Overview:

A graphic display of the supplier’s top apps and top app categories. Mousing-over the top apps will display the title, platform and the quantity of devices with the app installed. Mousing-over the top categories will display the category and the quantity of devices within the category.


Top Apps and Top Categories


Audience Segment Overview:

The Recent/Activated Audiences section provides the supplier specific overview of the recent audience segments used. Each audience segment’s name, size and activation destination is displayed.

The Trending Audiences section provides the top trending global audience segments. Each audience segment’s name and size is displayed.


Audience Segment Overview



The Geography section is a map displaying the countries where supplier device information originated. Countries are shaded to indicate the percentage of Kochava Collective data associated, light blue indicating a small amount of data while dark blue indicating a high level of data. Countries indicated in gray do not have any data contained within the Kochava Collective.




Top Activation Partners:

The Top Activation Partner section provides an overview of the top partners where audience segments from the supplier have been activated. Click on any of the partner’s icons to access the partner configuration settings.


Top Activation Partners

Prepackaged Audiences

The Prepackaged Audience section provides access to all of the audience segments that have been imported. A variety of tools have been provided to organize, update and remove audience segments.


Audience Segment Search Tools

Audience Segments can be searched for through the use of any of the following:

  • Search By Name — Type part of or the entire name to locate a specific audience segment.
  • Sort — Audience segments can be organized by:
    • Created
    • Device Count
    • Name
    • Relevance
  • Type — Audience segments can be organized by:
    • All
    • Prepackaged
    • Upload
  • Status — Audience segments can be grouped by their current condition:
    • All
    • Archived
    • Processing
    • Rejected
    • Pending
    • Expired
    • Published
    • In Review
    • Ready to Submit
    • Failed


Prepackaged Audiences Search Tools


Audience Tools Menu:

The Audience Tools menu provides access to the various actions that can be executed on the imported audience segments. The tools available within the Audience Tools menu are dependent on the status of the associated audience segment. The following tools are available:

  • Audience Insights
  • Customize
  • Submit
  • Archive


Import an Audience

The Kochava Collective provides an easy method to import audience segments.

  1. Click Import an Audience.
  2. Enter an Audience Name.
  3. Select the Category.
  4. Enter an Audience Description.
  5. Select a Country.
  6. Choose an Import Method:
    • Upload a file
    • Import from URL
  7. Click Import.

    NOTE: The default file format is a CSV file with 2 columns, device id/device type with no headers.


    Import Prepackaged Audience

API Data Feeds

The API Data Feeds page provides access to view the various supplier API feeds into the Kochava Collective.

  1. Select the Select Data Feed Type(s).
    • Ad_Activity_Daily
    • App_Activity_Daily
    • Geo_Poi_Daily
    • Geo_Visit_Daily
    • Web_Activity_Daily
  2. Select the Date Range.


API Data Feed


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