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iOS – Push Notification

Integrate your app with Kochava’s Push Notifications Service.


The following builds upon Apple’s remote notifications capability, as outlined here. You can use Kochava’s Push Notifications Service to send remote notifications to your apps, as well as track app uninstalls and other analytics.


The following assumes that you have already integrated the Kochava iOS or tvOS SDK. For more information see iOS/tvOS – SDK Integration.

  1. Register the Remote Notifications Device Token.
  2. Use class KVAPushNotificationsToken class func register(withData:), and pass the deviceToken data parameter provided by the operating system.


  3. Send Push Opened Events.
  4. When your app is opened through a push notification, you may create and send an instance of class KochavaEvent to track that this occurred. The event type should be of type .pushOpened. The event payload should contain the response.notification.request.content.userInfo, so that the event can be attributed to a campaign. It is also recommended that you pass the response.actionIdentifier, so that you may track what action the user selected.


  5. Activate Push Notifications with Kochava.
  6. Push Notifications must be activated on your Kochava dashboard. From there you may also configure push notification campaigns.

  7. Optionally clear your application icon badge number. For more information, refer to our Engagement Overview documentation
  8. On your Kochava dashboard you may indicate that you want the application icon badge number set when push notifications are sent. If you enable this option you should be prepared to clear your badge number when your application becomes active, or at some other appropriate time. For more information see instance property applicationIconBadgeNumber.


Last Modified: Nov 9, 2022 at 10:48 am