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Annotation Type – InstallReferrer.InstallReferrerStatus

Annotation Type


public static @interface InstallReferrer.InstallReferrerStatus

Install Referrer status messages.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_SERVICE_DISCONNECTED The service got disconnected while attempting to gather.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_OK Install Referrer data is valid.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Service unavailable at this moment. It may not exist or it may be updating.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED Service is not supported on this device.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_DEVELOPER_ERROR An error occurred with the implementation. This should never occur.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_TIMED_OUT A timeout occurred when attempting to gather.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_MISSING_DEPENDENCY An exception indicating the required google dependency is missing from the app.

InstallReferrer.STATUS_NOT_GATHERED An attempt to gather has not yet been made.

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Two methods of retrieving the Install Referrer exist. The legacy method using a Broadcast Receiver and the current API that uses the installreferrer library. The Kochava Tracker supports both methods with priority given to the new API with a fallback to the legacy version.


Returns the app Install Referrer if present.
The install referrer is gathered during the first tracker configuration and should be available within a few seconds of app launch. On subsequent launches the result is cached and will be available any time the Tracker is configured.


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