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Annotation Type – Tracker.EventType

Annotation Type


public static @interface Tracker.EventType

Tracker Event types.


Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_ACHIEVEMENT — Achievement earned.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_ADD_TO_CART — Item added to cart.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_ADD_TO_WISH_LIST — Item added to wish list.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_CHECKOUT_START — User started checking out.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_LEVEL_COMPLETE — User completed level.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_PURCHASE — Physical or in app purchase.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_RATING — User rating.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_REGISTRATION_COMPLETE — User completed registration.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_SEARCH — User search.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_TUTORIAL_COMPLETE — User completed tutorial.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_VIEW — User viewed something.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_AD_VIEW — Ad View. Use for AD LTV.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_PUSH_RECEIVED — Push Received.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_PUSH_OPENED — Push Opened.
Tracker.EVENT_TYPE_CONSENT_GRANTED — Consent Granted


NOTE: When using this event type with Intelligent Consent Management the consent prompt ID and response time are automatically added to the event under the keys “content_id” and “date”.

See Also

Related Class Tracker.Event

Event Object Builder for Standard and Custom Events.


Sends an event with a custom name and payload. Event pre-registration is not required. Event names may not be prepended with an underscore as that convention is reserved for Kochava events. Events may be batched to save on network traffic. Some level of delay prior to sending is normal.

Event Examples

Kochava standard post-install events have a finite list of event names and event keys. You can instrument your post-install events using one of the event names, and as many of the event keys (per event) as you would like.


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