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Annotation Type – Tracker.LogLevel



public static @interface Tracker.LogLevel

Tracker Logging Levels.

Use of a log level beyond Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_INFO in production is discouraged.

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_NONE Disable all logging.

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_ERROR Show only errors that halt continued operation.

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_WARN Show warnings and errors that do not prevent continued operation.

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_INFO Show status messages. (Default).

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG Show diagnostic data.

Tracker.LOG_LEVEL_TRACE Show additional diagnostic data. Corresponds to the Android Verbose log level.

See Also

Related Class Tracker.Configuration

Tracker Configuration Object Builder.

Related Methods Tracker.Configuration.setLogLevel(int)

Sets the log level for the Tracker.


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