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DEPRECATED: As of 3.3.0, because Google has introduced a new way of retrieving the Install Referrer. You should also continue using this broadcast receiver until Google completes the transition.


public final class ReferralReceiver
extends android.content.BroadcastReceiver

Google Play Install Referrer Receiver.

Single Receiver

If the Kochava Tracker broadcast receiver is the only receiver for the action “” in your app no further action is required.

Multiple Receivers

For apps that contain other broadcast receivers for the action “” some manual steps are required.
First you must remove the default Kochava ReferralReceiver by adding the following within the application tags in your manifest.


Then create a forwarding Broadcast Receiver.


Finally add the forwarding receiver to your manifest. Adjust the android:name field to match the package and name of your broadcast receiver.

Nested Class Summary

Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class android.content.BroadcastReceiver

Constructor Detail


public ReferralReceiver()

Method Detail


public final void onReceive(@Nullable
android.content.Context context,
android.content.Intent intent)


Intent Received method. Typically this is called by the Android system.

If using a broadcast forwarder then this will be called manually in your Broadcast Receiver.

Specified by:
onReceive in class android.content.BroadcastReceiver

context – Context
intent – Intent containing install referrer data

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