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Class – Tracker.IdentityLink



Enclosing Class:


public static class Tracker.IdentityLink
extends java.lang.Object

Identity Link Builder.

Identity Link provides the opportunity to “link different identities” together.


USE CASE: You may have assigned each user of your app an internal userid which you want to connect to a user’s service identifier. Using this method, you can send both your internal id and their service identifier and connect them in the Kochava database.


NOTE: If you know the Identity Link prior to Tracker Configuration it should be set during the configuration stage.



Constructor Detail

Constructor and Description:

public IdentityLink()

Method Detail

Modifier and Type Method and Description
Tracker.IdentityLink add
public final Tracker.IdentityLink add(@NonNull java.lang.String key, @NonNull java.lang.String value)

Adds an Identity given a key value pair.

key – Identity Key.
value – Identity User Unique Value.

Identity Link Object Builder.

Tracker.IdentityLink add
public final Tracker.IdentityLink add(@NonNull java.util.Map identityLink)

Adds a Map of Identity key value pairs.

Null and Empty keys or values are not permitted.

identityLink – Map of Identity Links.

Identity Link Object Builder.


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