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Interface – AttributionUpdateListener



public interface AttributionUpdateListener

Tracker Attribution Update listener.

Attribution information is assessed and stored within Kochava’s Servers, where it is reported back to you through your Kochava account.

You may also retrieve this information from within your app by using this listener interface. Attribution information is usually available within about 10 seconds from the initial launch, although it is subject to a variety of conditions which can cause this time interval to be longer. Once attribution information has been retrieved the result is cached locally and is available using the method Tracker.getAttribution().

Updated attribution information may be available on subsequent launches. If an update occurs the Tracker will call onAttributionUpdated(String) again.


NOTE: Retrieving the information within your app should only be done if your app makes use of this information, otherwise it causes needless network communication.

Method Summary

Modifier and Type Method and Description
void onAttributionUpdated(java.lang.String attribution)
Attribution information was updated.

Method Detail


void onAttributionUpdated(@NonNull java.lang.String attribution)

Attribution information was updated.

The Tracker may retrieve updated attribution information on any launch and will call this method if it has been updated.

This method will be called on the main thread.

attribution – Install attribution serialized json.

See Also

Related Methods Tracker.Configuration.setAttributionUpdateListener(AttributionUpdateListener)

Sets an attribution update listener.


Returns previously gathered attribution as serialized JSON.


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