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SDK – KochavaTracker


KochavaTracker (PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin)

The KochavaTracker PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin SDK allows advertisers to integrate a single SDK to leverage the hundreds of ad network and publisher partners integrated with Kochava. This limits the number of 3rd party SDKs required to run a successful UA strategy and greatly reduces complexity during update cycles.


You can also find documentation for other SDKs, plugins, and Server-to-Server Integrations here.

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS Target: Xcode 8
  • iOS Target: iOS 8.0
  • Android Target: Android API Level 9 or later


If you are still using an earlier Xcode version or Android API level, or want to support an earlier operating system version, you may consider using an earlier version of the PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin SDK.
See KochavaTracker PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin SDK Versions.

SDK Integration

  1. Select your SDK variant.
  2. There is a single standard variant for the KochavaTracker PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin SDK, For more information see KochavaTracker PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin SDK Version 2.0.0.

  3. Add the SDK into your project.
    1. Download the Kochava PhoneGap SDK and unzip.
    2. Create a PhoneGap project using the Cordova command line tool.
    3. Add the iOS and/or Android platforms to your project.
    4. Navigate to the top folder of your project with a command prompt or terminal, and enter the following (where sdk_path is the location where you unzipped the Kochava PhoneGap SDK plugin):

      NOTE: Android Developers – Our plugin includes a dependency on the Google Play Services plugin and will automatically install files with our plugin. Confirm that they exist top_level_app_folder/platforms/android folder/build/intermediates/exploded-aar.


    Using the SDK

    Once an SDK has been added into your project, it’s time to make use of the included classes and resources.


    public object KochavaTracker

    The object KochavaTracker provides an interface between a host application and Kochava’s Attribution and Analytics Servers. A tracker manages the exchange of data between these two entities, along with the associated tasks and network transactions.

    private class KochavaEvent

    The private class KochavaEvent provides a means of defining the parameters for a post-install event, providing standardized types and key names.


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