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SDK – KochavaTracker


KochavaTracker (PhoneGap/Cordova)

Minimum Requirements

  • Android API 9 (Recommended API 14)
  • Xcode Build Version: 8.3.0
  • iOS Version: 8.0

SDK Integration

  1. Download the SDK:
    For the latest version of the PhoneGap/Cordova SDK, refer to the Kochava SDK repository.
  2. Add the SDK to your project:

    a. Using a terminal navigate to the root directory of your Cordova Project.
    b. Ensure your project contains Android and/or iOS platforms.
    c. Run the following command where sdk_path is the location of the unzipped Kochava Cordova SDK.


Using the SDK

Once an SDK has been integrated into your project, it’s time to make use of the included classes and resources.


Initialization and Configuration:

By initializing and configuring a KochavaTracker, you are completing the basic integration with a KochavaTracker SDK. This should be done in the logic of your application where things first start up such as the deviceready event.

In the sample code below make sure you replace “_YOUR_{PLATFORM}_APP_GUID_” with your app’s App Guid from the Kochava dashboard. For more information see Locating an App Guid.



The KochavaTracker supports a variety of event formats with custom or standardized parameters and key names.

Example –


KochavaTracker PhoneGap/Cordova Methods

A list of methods available to send to the Kochava Server.

Post-Install Events

A list of the standard events that can be passed to Kochava.


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