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Configuring Products – Subscriptions

The following document describes the process for setting up the subscription product within the Google Play Store, App Store Connect and Stripe in order to use the Kochava Subscription tracking tool.


  • Google Play Console In-App Purchase Subscription

    This section of the support document provides the steps for setting up subscriptions within Google Play Console for all Android devices.


    Caution: Before in-app products can be setup, an APK must be uploaded.


    Data Needed to Complete Process:

    • Product ID — Unique alphanumeric ID that is used to access the product and syncing with Kochava.


      WARNING: The Product ID cannot be used again across any other app, even if the product is deleted.


      Best Practices: Because the Product ID cannot be used again, it is a valuable practice to be organized with the creation of your Product IDs. Kochava recommends using the following format app_price_duration_introduration_introprice

    • Name — The name of the item (up to 55 characters) that is displayed on the Google Play Store listing.
    • Description — The description of the item (up to 80 characters) that will be displayed on the Google Play Store listing.
    • Billing Period — For Subscriptions only, the billing period of the subscription.
    • Default Price — The subscription price in local currency or select a template.

    1. Log into Google Play Console.
    2. Click on All Applications and select the desired app.
    3. Depending on the in-app product type, follow either the In-App Products or Subscriptions instructions below:


      In-App Products:

      1. Select Products > In-app products.
      2. Click Create product.
      3. Enter the Product ID.
      4. Enter the Product Name.
      5. Enter the Product Description.
      6. Select the Pricing Template or Enter a Set Price.

        Android Product Settings




      1. Select Products > Subscriptions.
      2. Click Create subscription.
      3. Enter the Product ID.

        Android Product ID


      5. Enter the subscription Name.
      6. Enter the subscription Description.
      7. Click + Add benefit and select a benefit. (optional)

        Android Subscription Details


      9. Select the desired Billing Period.
      10. Enter the Default Price.

        Android Price


        NOTE: Before the Subscription Options can be set, a billing period must be selected first.

      12. Select if this subscription is a Free Trial. (optional)
      13. Select the Introductory Price. (optional)
      14. Select the Grace Period. (optional)
      15. Select to enable or disable Resubscribe.

        Android Subscription Options


  • Apple App Store In-App Purchase Subscription

    This section of the support document provides the steps for setting up in-app purchase subscriptions within App Store Connect for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

    1. Log into App Store Connect.

      BEST PRACTICES: Ensure that the latest Paid Applications Agreement has been signed in the Agreements, Tax and Banking section of App Store Connect. In-app purchases will not be able to be tested until this agreement is signed with Apple.


    3. Click My Apps.

      iOS My Apps


    5. Select the desired app.
    6. Select Manage > In-App Purchases > +.

      iOS In App Purchase Add


    8. Select the desired Subscription Model:
      • Auto-Renewable Subscription — This selection will allow users to purchase dynamic content for a set amount to time. This subscription will renew automatically unless the user cancels.
      • Non-Renewable Subscription — This selection will allow users to purchase a subscription for a limited time. The content of this in-app purchase can be static, and this subscription will not automatically renew.

      NOTE: This document illustrates the process for setting up Auto-Renewable Subscription, however the steps required for the Non-Renewable Subscription are similar.


      Best Practices: If the Auto-Renewable Subscriptions option is not present, ensure that the account has accepted all applicable contracts and has provided tax and banking information in the Agreements, Tax, and Baking section of the App Store Connect.


    9. Click Create.
    10. Enter a Reference Name.
    11. NOTE: The reference name will be used on App Store Connect and in Sales and Trends reports. It will not be displayed on the App Store. The name cannot be longer the 64 characters.

    12. Enter a Product ID.
    13. NOTE: The product ID is a unique alphanumeric ID used for reporting purposes.


      WARNING: After the Product ID has been used for one product, it cannot be used again, even if the product is deleted.


      Reference Name Product ID


    14. Enter the Subscription Group Reference Name.
    15. NOTE: The subscription group name will only appear on the App Store Connect and in Sales and Trends reports. It will not appear on the App Store.

    16. Click Create.

    Selecting a Subscription Duration:

    The Auto-Renew Subscriptions allow the the user to purchase updates and dynamic content for a set amount of time (duration of the subscription).

    1. Select the desired Subscription Duration:
      • 1 Week
      • 1 Month
      • 2 Months
      • 3 Months
      • 6 Months
      • 1 Year


      Subscription Duration


    Family Sharing:

    Turning on Family Sharing will allow family members to share the subscription without having to use each other’s accounts.

    NOTE: Once Family Sharing has been turned on, it cannot be turned off.

    1. Click Turn On.
    2. Click Confirm.

    Subscription Prices:

    The Subscription Price settings provides the ability to set the starting subscription price as well as an introduction or promotional values for the subscriptions.

    1. Click Subscription Prices > +.
    2. Select the Currency.
    3. Select the Price.

      Subscription Price


    5. Click Next.
    6. NOTE: A display of the price for each county or region based on the selected price will be displayed. You can choose a different price for individual countries or regions.

    7. Click Create.
    8. Click Save located in the top right corner.


    Introductory Offers —

    The Introductory Offer is the initial price that a customer pays for the subscription and when the introductory time period has completed, the customer will be charged the full subscription price.

    1. Click the Introductory Offers menu.
    2. Click Introductory Offers > +.

      Add Introductory Offer


    4. Select the Countries of Regions for Introductory Offer.
    5. Click Next.

      Introductory Offer Countries


    7. Enter the Start Date.
    8. Enter the End Date.
    9. Select the Type of Introductory Offer:
      • Pay as you go
      • Pay up front
      • Free
    10. Enter the Duration.
    11. Enter the Currency and Price.

      Type of Introductory Offer


    13. Click Next.
    14. Adjust the Introductory Offer Prices for any country.
    15. Click Done.
    16. Click Save located in the top right corner.

    In-App Purchase Localization Settings:

    This section provides the directions for setting the in-app purchase localization settings for the desired app.

    1. Select In-App Purchases > Manage.
    2. Select the desired in-app purchase.
    3. Click Localization > +.

      Manage Add Localization


    5. Select the desired language.
    6. Enter the Subscription Display Name.
    7. Enter the Description.

      Localization Settings


      NOTE: The Display Name and Description are visible to the user on the App Store.


      tvOS Integration: It is highly recommended that a short display name that describes the level of access the subscription unlocks be used. Using the same Subscription Display Name for all of the subscriptions that unlock the same level of access will assist in a more useable listing for your customers.


      Adding Reviewer Information —

      This section details the settings to add information for the app reviewer.

      1. Locate the Review Information section and Click Choose File.
      2. An image of up to 640 X 920 pixels should be uploaded of the in-app purchase paywall for the reviewer.

      3. Add Review Notes. (optional)
      4. The Review Notes provides an area for comments, instructions or clarifications to be added for the reviewer.

      Subscription Groups —

      If a Subscription Group has not been set up before, a warning will be displayed stating that “Before you can submit your in-app purchase for review, you must add at least one localization to your subscription group.”

      1. Click Add localizations.
      2. Click Localizations > +.
      3. Select the desired Language.
      4. Enter the Subscription Group Display Name.
      5. Select to Use App Name or to Use Custom Name.
      6. If the app name is different then the service or publication name, it may be wise to enter a custom name.

      7. Click Save located in the top right corner.
  • Stripe In-App Purchase Subscription

    This section of the support document provides the steps for setting up in-app purchase subscriptions within Stripe.

    1. Log into the Stripe Dashboard.
    2. Click Products > + Add product.

      Stripe Add A Product


    4. Enter the product Name.
    5. The product name is visible to the customer at checkout, in receipts, invoices and the customer portal.

    6. Enter the product Description. (optional)
    7. The product description appears at checkout, on invoices and in the customer portal.

    8. Upload an Image. (optional)
    9. This image will be visible to the customer, the file size should be less then 2MB.

    10. Enter a Statement descriptor. (optional)
    11. If the statement descriptor is entered, it will override the account descriptor. Ensure that if the Statement descriptor is entered, it is clear enough that the customer will recognize it on a bank statement.

    12. Enter the Unit label. (optional)
    13. The Unit label appears at checkout, in receipts, invoices and in the customer portal. The Unit label describes how the subscription is sold.

    14. Add Metadata. (optional)
    15. Meta data is used to store additional structured information.

    16. Select the desired Pricing model:
      • Standard pricing
      • Package pricing
      • NOTE: If the same price is charged for each unit, select standard pricing.

        1. Select the desired Currency.
        2. Enter the desired Price.
        3. Select One time.
        4. or

        5. Select Recurring:
          1. Select the Billing period:
            • Daily
            • Weekly
            • Monthly
            • Every 3 Months
            • Every 6 Months
            • Yearly
            • Custom:
            • Select days, weeks or months and enter a value.

        6. Check Usage is metered. (optional)
        7. Checking metered milling allows the customers to be charged based on reported usage at the end of each billing period.

        8. Enter a Price description. (optional)
        9. Adding a price description may assist in organizational if there are a large number of subscriptions.

    17. Click Save product.


    Stripe Product Settings

    Stripe Product ID Location:

    Once the product has been created, the Product ID can be located on the main Products page in the following locations:

    NOTE: The Stripe Product ID is automatically generated and has a prefix of prod_.

    1. Details Section
    2. Events Section
    3. NOTE: If the Product ID has recently been created, there will be a log within the Events Section. If other events have occurred since the creation of the Product ID, the creation of the Product ID will not be listed.


      Stripe Product ID Location


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