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Creating and Editing Subscription Entitlements

Once subscriptions have been setup within the (Apple App Store, Google Play Store and/or Stripe), Entitlements which are the individual SKUs that the users purchase through an app or website need to be setup within Kochava. Each Entitlement will appear on the customer receipt, specifying the level of access unlocked, subscription duration and pricing.

The following document describes the process for creating and editing Entitlements within Kochava.

Creating an Entitlement

WARNING: It is VERY important that the Entitlement ID (Product ID) be entered exactly as it appears within Google Play, App Store and/or Stripe. Kochava matches subscriptions to the Entitlement ID, if this ID is incorrect no match can be made. For more information about locating the Product ID within the Google Play Store, App Store or Stripe, refer to our Configuring Product Subscriptions support documentation.


  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select Subscriptions > Entitlements.


NOTE: If desired, a copy of an Entitlement may be created by clicking on Entitlement Tools () > Create a Copy. A unique Entitlement Name and Entitlement ID must be used for each Entitlement.


  1. Click Add an Entitlement.
  2. Select the desired App.
  3. NOTE: Before an app will appear in this list, the store credentials for the app must be setup within the Kochava UI. For more information refer to our Store Credentials support documentation.

  4. Enter the Entitlement Name. (Store naming convention listed below)
    • Android – Name
    • iOS – Reference Name
    • Stripe – Name
  5. Enter the Entitlement ID. (Store naming convention listed below)
    • Android – Product ID
    • iOS – Product ID
    • Stripe – ID

    NOTE: For more information on locating the Entitlement Name and Entitlement ID, refer to our Configuring Product Subscriptions support document.

    NOTE: The data associated with the Entitlement will be reported in the Kochava UI as entered here. If the data is entered does not match with the data entered in Google Play Store, App Store or Stripe there will be discrepancies.

  6. Select the Entitlement Duration.
  7. NOTE: Entering an accurate duration for the Entitlement will provide the ability to reach out to users nearing the end of their subscription and offer extensions, additional deals or upgrade opportunities through Kochava’s Engagement services.

  8. Enter the Price.
  9. Check Free Trial Offered (optional)
  10. Select the Free Trial Duration (optional)
  11. Enter the Entitlement Label(s).
  12. NOTE: Entering an accurate and identifiable label is important, as labels can be used organize, locate or display only specific subscriptions within all of your data.

  13. Click Save.

    Create Entitlement Settings


Editing Entitlements

CAUTION: Entitlements are associated to the subscription product within the App Store, Google Play Store or Stripe by the Product ID. Changing the Product ID is not recommended and will result in the loss of data for the subscription from the point the Product ID is changed moving forward.

After an Entitlement has been created, it can be updated easily to add further labels, update the the currency or other settings.

  1. Locate the desired Entitlement and Select Entitlement Tools () > Edit.

    Entitlement Tools Edit


  3. Add/Edit the desired settings.
  4. Click Save.


Last Modified: Nov 9, 2022 at 2:29 pm