API Change Log

The following document defines the changes to the API from version to version.


Version 1.3 to Version 1.4:

Version 1.4 Release Date 12-01-2017

  1. Users API keys only allow them to pull reports from apps they have been given access to in the UI using the users roles.
  2. Click reports have the click_id column added.
  3. Click MTA reports have the kochava_click_id column added to the report.
  4. Event detail reports have install_ip and install_geo columns added to the report.
  5. Network Summary reports can now contain Restated Cost by adding network_spend_restated to the traffic section of your API call.
  6. Detail Collected Restated Cost reports are now available by adding cost_restated to the traffic section of your API call.

Version 1.2 to Version 1.3:

Version 1.3 Release Date 03-31-2017

  1. Exclusive Traffic Filers for Detail and Summary Reports.
    • Any traffic filter available for a given report can be inclusive or exclusive.
    • A filter can be made an Exclusive filter by prepending the filter JSON key with “exclude_”.
  2. New columns will have “*_querystring” versions that will provide URL QueryString encoded version of columns with JSON encoded data.
  3. _tier columns added to Detail reports.

Version 1.1 to Version 1.2:

Version 1.2 Release Date 01-30-2017

  1. When option Traffic Verification is selected (Summary and Detail Reports):
    • install_verification (removed)
    • impression_verification (added)


    WARNING: As part of the logic change behind the release of API v1.2, API v1.1 will always show 0 for Summary Report verified install and Detail Report will have unreliable data for both click and install traffic verified.


  2. Event Detail Report – Change to the attribution tracker columns:
    • attribution_tracker_id (unchanged)
    • attribution_tracker (renamed to) attribution_tracker_name
    • attribution_tracker (added) Represents the numeric tracker ID
  3. Event Detail Report and Summary Report-Change to the traffic verification columns:
    • trafficverifinstall_OK_count (renamed to) impression_tv_verified_count
    • trafficverifclick_OK_count (renamed to) click_tv_verified_count
    • trafficverifinstall_NOK_count (renamed to) impression_tv_failed_count
    • trafficverifclick_NOK_count (renamed to) click_tv_failed_count