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Create a Private Network

Feature Summary: Private Networks allow you to provide tracking for your owned media channels, such as websites and social posts. Serving ads yourself can be of great benefit for avoiding the costs associated of running ads through a Network. Not only is there a cost benefit to running a Private Network, but you also have more control over the context in which the ad appears.


Use Cases for a Private Network:

  • You have a large user base for your app and want to serve ads in the context of your app.
  • You have your own website on which you want to serve ads.
  • You have a source interested in banners or interstitials within one of your apps.

NOTE: Private Networks must be created in the Advertiser account if the private network needs to be used by Agencies as well as Advertisers.

NOTE: SmartLinks™ are an alternative to creating a Private Network. For more information about SmartLinks, refer to our Creating and SmartLinks™ support documentation.

Create a Private Network

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Account Options > Media Partner Profiles.


  1. Click Add a Media Partner Profile.
  2. Enter a unique Network Name.
  3. Check Include New Apps. (optional)
  4. Click + and Select the desired App(s).
  5. NOTE: If the Include New Apps option is checked, the Private Network will be available to new apps that are created in the Kochava Dashboard.

    NOTE: Any specific app that is selected, the Private Network will be available to within the Kochava Dashboard.

  6. Click Add a Macro to enter any additional Macros that need to be associated with this Private Network. (optional)
  7. NOTE: site_id and device_id are default Macros.


    Partner Profile Settings
    A. Enter a Unique Network Name
    B. Select Apps the Private Network will be available to within Kochava.


  8. Click Save.

NOTE: Once a Private Network is created, it will be available during the Media Partner selection portion of tracker creation. Select the Private Network and the associated click URL will populate accordingly.

NOTE: No Postback is required for a Private Network campaign. Custom Postback can be created for additional configuration.


Last Modified: Jul 19, 2023 at 12:25 pm