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NodeJS Web SDK Integration

Feature Summary: The Kochava Web SDK is a javascript-based solution that provides marketers with Web Tracking capabilities. It can be integrated with a variety of web-based frameworks and can also be installed via NPM.


This document describes how to install the SDK using Node.js & NPM (Node Package Manager), which is not specific to any framework.

Install the SDK

  1. As a prerequisite, ensure Node.js and the NPM CLI are set up and ready to use locally. See for more information.
  2. Install the latest Kochava SDK version using one of the following CLI commands:
    Globally: npm install -g kochava
    Locally: npm install kochava
    Local as Dev Dependency: npm install -D kochava or npm install kochava –save-dev


For more information on installing packages from the CLI, see:



The latest SDK version will be installed using the above commands, and we strongly recommend always installing the latest version. However, if you wish to install a specific version, the desired version should be appended to the CLI command. For example, to install SDK version 1.0.6 the CLI command might look like this: npm install kochava@1.0.6

Using the SDK

Once the SDK is installed, you are ready to use it in code. SDK Usage will vary depending on your development environment and/or frameworks used. If you are targeting a specific framework, such as Angular or Vue, please choose the appropriate framework from our Web SDK Integration support document. Otherwise please consult the JavaScript Web SDK Integration for generic usage documentation.