IdentityLink Setup

Feature Summary: IdentityLink allows Kochava customers to manage their audience by associating an internal customer identifier with a Kochava device ID. Marketers can then correlate attribution and analytics information within Kochava to the customer behavioral data within internal or 3rd-party B.I. tools. This is useful when trying to tie users across multiple devices based on a internal identifier, for example mobile and desktop users.

Joining User Identity to Devices

Kochava provides an API to support the linkage between a user device and their identity in your application. This feature is referred to as the IdentityLink in Kochava. Use the following API to accomplish this objective.


Send the following JSON as HTTP POST to the following URL endpoint:


Available Parameters:

URL Parameter Example Value Description Req.
kochava_app_id kogamerdna114e9bb34812587 This is the unique application ID used to represent the App. Yes
device_id idfa:A6334005-9019-46BB-9659-74FD0BD33585
An object of name-value pairs for identifiers of the device. Yes
data app_userid (“identity string”)
fb_userid (“identity string”)
Name-value pair object of data that can be sent upon the “identityLink” action. Yes



Last Modified: Feb 21, 2019 at 2:37 pm