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IdentityLink™ Setup

Feature Summary: IdentityLink™ allows Kochava customers to manage their audience by associating an internal customer identifier with a Kochava device ID. Marketers can then correlate attribution and analytics information within Kochava to the customer behavioral data within internal or 3rd-party B.I. tools. This is useful when trying to tie users across multiple devices based on a internal identifier, for example mobile and desktop users.

Joining User Identity to Devices

Kochava provides an API to support the linkage between a user device and their identity in your application. This feature is referred to as the IdentityLink™ in Kochava. Use the following API to accomplish this objective.


Send the following JSON as HTTP POST to the following URL endpoint:


Available Parameters:

URL ParameterExample ValueDescriptionReq.
kochava_app_idkogamerdna114e9bb34812587This is the unique application ID used to represent the App.Yes
device_ididfa:A6334005-9019-46BB-9659-74FD0BD33585An object of name-value pairs for identifiers of the device.Yes
dataapp_userid (“identity string”)
fb_userid (“identity string”)
Name-value pair object of data that can be sent upon the IdentityLink™ action.Yes


	"kochava_app_id": "kogamerdna114e9bb34812587",
	"device_id": {
		"idfa": "A6334005-9019-46BB-9659-74FD0BD33585"
	"device_hash_method": {
		"idfa": "md5"
	"data": {
		"SGID": "2718281828"


Last Modified: Oct 16, 2023 at 9:04 am