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Adobe Analytics Integration

The following document describes the process for integrating Kochava with Adobe Analytics in order to send the data captured in Kochava to an Adobe Analytics account.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Ensure that your app includes both the Adobe Analytics SDK and Kochava SDK.
  • Marketing Cloud Visitor ID – Obtained from the Adobe Analytics SDK.
  • Adobe Visitor ID – Obtained from the Adobe Analytics SDK.
  • Pass both of the above IDs as IdentityLink values via the New Constructor functionality in the Kochava SDK.


NOTE: Kochava has built-in hooks that communicate with the Adobe Analytics SDK in order to allow the retrieval of the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID and Adobe Visitor ID, and send that information through the attribution lifecycle (install and post-install events). The data is then posted back to the Adobe Analytics platform.


BEST PRACTICES: The benefit of utilizing the above integration is that developers utilizing Adobe Analytics can tie unique Adobe IDs to attribution meta-data creating a seamless way to properly track all campaign data with the Adobe Analytics platform.

Android Integration

Sample Code:

iOS Integration

Sample Code:

Sample Integration

Sample Code:


NOTE: The result of the same code above would send this payload to Adobe Analytics.

Testing the Integration

For more information on testing the integration with Kochava, refer to our Testing an Integration with Kochava support documentation.


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