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Locating the Apple Bundle ID

The following instructions provides the details on locating the Bundle ID for an app that has been uploaded to the Apple App Store. An App ID is a string used to identify one or more apps from a single development team. The string consists of two parts, the Team ID and the bundle ID separated by a period (.). The Team ID is supplied by Apple, while the bundle ID is supplied by the developer.



Locate Apple Bundle ID on iTunes Connect

  1. Log into iTunes Connect.
  2. Click My Apps.
  3. Click on an app, to find the bundle ID.
  4. The default app page will open displaying the App ID and bundle ID.

    iTunes Bundle ID


  6. Copy and retain the bundle ID.

Use Apple Bundle ID Look Up URL

  1. Add the App ID to the following URL:
  2. Search for “bundle” and locate the app’s bundle ID.


Look Up URL


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