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Create a Custom Postback

Feature Summary: Custom postbacks allow marketers to send a real-time feed of data captured by Kochava to a specific endpoint. This is particularly useful if your team has internal tools/endpoints that are built to analyze/store data for your apps.


NOTE: Within Kochava, it is possible to create Kochava-Certified Postbacks. For more information, refer to our Kochava-Certified Postbacks support document.


Use Cases for Custom Postbacks:

A Custom Postback enables Kochava users to perform tasks such as:

  • Post a real-time feed of install and post-install events to an endpoint (e.g., data warehouse)
  • Customize which parameters are sent on postback
  • Create postbacks on demand

Create a Postback

  1. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.


  3. Click Add a Configuration.
  4. NOTE: In the next step, a custom event will be selected. If a custom event has not already been created, refer to our Post-Install Event Creation support documentation before preceding.

  5. Under Custom Postback, Select the custom event created for this postback.
  6. Click Go.


    A. Select the Custom Event

  8. Set the event Status. (By default, this option is set to Active)
  9. Set Event Matching. (optional)
  10. NOTE: The Event Matching field allows the event to be modified to another custom event. This field only needs to be modified if the event that was initially selected is no longer the event that is needed.

  11. Update the event Title. (optional)
  12. Enter the Destination URL.


    A. Match to another Custom Event (optional)

  14. Set the Supply Network Data to Analytics Partner. (optional)
  15. NOTE: Selecting “True” will send attribution-level data to the associated partner, while choosing “False” will not send the attribution-level data.

  16. Select a Delivery Delay.
  17. NOTE: The Delivery Delay determines whether the postback is delivered in real time or if there is an intentional delay before delivery. The Delivery Delay can be set from real-time delivery up to 10 minutes.

  18. Select Retry Attempts.
  19. NOTE: The Retry Attempts determines the number of times Kochava will attempt to redeliver an event postback upon posting failure. Retry Attempts can be set from Do Not Retry to up to 10 attempts.




  20. Select Macro(s). (optional)
  21. NOTE: Any selected macros will be passed within the Destination URL.



  22. Click Save.


Last Modified: Jul 2, 2018 at 4:01 pm