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Tealium Integration

Tealium is an enterprise tag management provider which helps companies increase the speed and effectiveness of their digital marketing campaign by simplifying the addition, updating and removal of JavaScript tags. For more information on Integrating with Tealium, refer to Tealium Support.

The following document describes the Kochava’s integration with Tealium.

Integration Types


EventStream connectors are hosted integrations within the Tealium platform. The connectors receive data from the originating client or device and sends that data on to the desired vendor or service.


Supported Device Types

Connectors can be optimized to receive specific event attributes. For example, a mobile device may send an event attribute such as screen_name which represents the name of the screen being viewed by the user.



Mobile applications have a variety of standard events such as screen_width or screen_orientation.


Connected Devices:

A Connected Device is defined as a device that does not fit into the defined mobile category such as set-top boxes (OTT), wearable technology, etc,.



The integration with Tealium provides the following features:

  • Send Install Event
  • Send Post-Install Event


Last Modified: Dec 14, 2021 at 2:12 pm