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Links Overview

Kochava Links is a single location for creating, modifying, and maintaining all of your various paths that new users take to download an app or existing users to be sent to the appropriate location within your app. The paths that the users can take may be a SmartLinks™, Landing Page, App Link, Deep Link, Universal Link or URL. Destinations may be added to Landing Pages and can be fully measured by associating trackers.

Campaign Management

Campaign setup is a vital aspect of any successful integration with Kochava. With the largest selection of official network and publisher integrations in the industry, Kochava customers have comprehensive support for every type of campaign run across platforms and integration types.


Campaign Management Overview


For more information on creating campaigns within Kochava, refer to our Campaign Management support documentation.


SmartLinks™ provides a single location for the creation of URLs that send users to predefined destinations based on device platform, OS (Operating System) version, location, and a variety of other defined targeting criteria.


SmartLinks Overview


For more information on creating and updating SmartLinks™, refer to our Creating and Editing SmartLinks support documentation.


Destinations provide the optimal path for each user to reach the proper destination for an app.

The following are the available destination types:

  • App Link
  • Deep Link
  • Universal Link
  • URL


Destinations Overview


For more information on creating and updating Destinations, refer to our Destinations Creation and Maintenance support documentation.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages provide a branded page for users to preview an app content prior to installation. Landing Pages provide a seamless path for users to install an app. Each page can be specifically designed with a company’s branding in mind providing custom settings for everything from image insertion and page colorization.


Landing Page Overview


For more information on creating and updating Landing Pages, refer to our Landing Page Creation and Maintenance support documentation.


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