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Kochava Privacy Request

This documentation is to provide the necessary information for Kochava customers to interact with our GDPR/CCPA/etc email endpoint for the purpose of fulfilling GDPR/CCPA/etc requests for Data Subjects.


Kochava requires the following data points to perform a delete, lookup, or modify request:

  1. Account ID
  2. The relevant Kochava App GUID
  3. The Device ID Type
  4. The Device ID in question.

Kochava requires that you DO NOT send any information about a Data Subject other than the data points described above. Kochava does not store things like email address, real name, physical address, etc.

Sending Kochava such information both:

  1. Does not assist Kochava to perform the required functions and
  2. Creates additional privacy risks for the Data Subject by associating the person with the advertising ID.

Data Points

Account ID:

Your account ID is a numeric ID that is unique to your Kochava account. Most customers are not aware of what their Account ID is, so we suggest you discuss with our CSM team and they can look it up for you.


Kochava App GUID:

Every app you track with Kochava has an associated App GUID. You can find out the GUID for any given app via the instructions provided here:


Device ID Type:

There are typically only three types of IDs that would have relevance IDFA (Apple/iOS), ADID (Android Advertising ID), and Kochava ID (a proprietary ID which is only of relevance to Kochava). It is extremely rare for one of our customers to be maintaining Kochava ID information on their internal systems, so in almost all cases, the only two you will care about are IDFA and ADID.


Device ID:

This is the actual device ID itself (including any dashes native to the format).

Endpoint Information

Data is sent to our endpoint via email to the address If you are a low volume requestor, a simple human typed email with an explanation of what is needed is generally sufficient. If your organization needs to process higher volumes (10 a week), then we strongly recommend that you send data to our endpoint using automated/programmatic systems on your end.

Automated Request Formatting

Kochava has great flexibility on our end as to how data be formatted, but unless you have some reason to need otherwise, we suggest you automate emails following the example below.


Example Email:

Subject: MyCompanyName Data Subject Request

Please perform a [DELETE|REQUEST] on the following devices

Device 1: IDFA = aaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaa, App ID = kosomeapp-qasdfewi, Account ID = 777

Device 2: ADID = aaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaa, App ID = kosomeapp-qasdfewi,, Account ID = 777

Device 3: KochavaID = KA3c179c941b831b47218f3a9d8634e730, App ID = kosomeapp-qasdfewi, Account ID = 777


Additional Assistance

If you have additional questions and/or need additional assistance with this, please send an email to, and we will be happy to assist.


Last Modified: Jul 20, 2023 at 7:51 am