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Matched By Definitions

Matched ByDefinition
adidMatched on ADID
adid_md5Matched on ADID variant
adid_md5_lowercaseMatched on ADID variant
adid_md5_md5Matched on ADID variant
adid_md5_sha1Matched on ADID variant
adid_md5_uppercaseMatched on ADID variant
adid_sha1Matched on ADID variant
adid_sha1_md5Matched on ADID variant
adid_sha1_sha1Matched on ADID variant
adid_sha1_uppercaseMatched on ADID variant
android_idMatched on Android ID
android_id_md5Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_md5_lowercaseMatched on Android ID variant
android_id_md5_md5Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_md5_sha1Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_md5_uppercaseMatched on Android ID variant
android_id_md5_uppercase_md5Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_sha1Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_sha1_lowercaseMatched on Android ID variant
android_id_sha1_md5Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_sha1_sha1Matched on Android ID variant
android_id_sha1_uppercaseMatched on Android ID variant
email*Matched on Email address
email_md5Matched on Email address variant
email_md5_md5Matched on Email address variant
email_md5_sha1Matched on Email address variant
email_md5_uppercaseMatched on Email address variant
email_sha1Matched on Email address variant
email_sha1_md5Matched on Email address variant
email_sha1_sha1Matched on Email address variant
email_sha1_uppercaseMatched on Email address variant
email_md5_lowercaseMatched on Email address variant
email_md5_uppercase_md5Matched on Email address variant
email_sha1_lowercaseMatched on Email address variant
fb_attribution_idFacebook claim & last click in
fb_attribution_id_claimFacebook claim, not last click in
fingerprintFingerprint logic: (IP+Device_Ver+OS_Ver)
(see iOS 14+ restrictions)
googleGoogle claim & last click in
google_claimGoogle claim, not last click in
gplayMatched on Google Referrer
idfaMatched on IDFA
idfa_md5Matched on IDFA variant
idfa_md5_lowercaseMatched on IDFA variant
idfa_md5_md5Matched on IDFA variant
idfa_md5_sha1Matched on IDFA variant
idfa_sha1Matched on IDFA variant
idfa_sha1_lowercaseMatched on IDFA variant
idfa_sha1_md5Matched on IDFA variant
idfa_sha1_sha1Matched on IDFA variant
idfaNDND stands for “no dashes” — an IDFA usually contains 4 dashes. We attempt to reconcile on both “ND” and “PD” (plus dashes)
idfaND_md5Matched on idfaND variant
idfaND_md5_lowercaseMatched on idfaND variant
idfaND_sha1Matched on idfaND variant
idfaND_sha1_lowercaseMatched on idfaND variant
imeiMatched on IMEI
imei_md5Matched on IMEI variant
imei_md5_lowercaseMatched on IMEI variant
imei_md5_md5Matched on IMEI variant
imei_md5_sha1Matched on IMEI variant
imei_sha1Matched on IMEI variant
imei_sha1_lowercaseMatched on IMEI variant
imei_sha1_md5Matched on IMEI variant
imei_sha1_sha1Matched on IMEI variant
ip_addressMatched on IP address > not enough information available to validate full fingerprint reconciliation
ip_rangeMatched on first 3 stanzas of IP address
macMatched on MAC address
mac_md5Matched on MAC address variant
mac_md5_lowercaseMatched on MAC address variant
mac_md5_md5Matched on MAC address variant
mac_md5_sha1Matched on MAC address variant
mac_md5_uppercaseMatched on MAC address variant
mac_sha1Matched on MAC address variant
mac_sha1_lowercaseMatched on MAC address variant
mac_sha1_md5Matched on MAC address variant
mac_sha1_sha1Matched on MAC address variant
mac_sha1_uppercaseMatched on MAC address variant
macNCNC = ”no colons” We attempt reconciliation on both “macNC” and “macPC”
macNC_md5Matched on macNC variant
macNC_md5_lowercaseMatched on macNC variant
macNC_md5_sha1Matched on macNC variant
macNC_sha1Matched on macNC variant
macNC_sha1_lowercaseMatched on macNC variant
macNC_sha1_sha1Matched on macNC variant
odin1Matched on odin1
odin1_md5Matched on odin1 variant
odin1_sha1Matched on odin1 variant
openudidMatched on openUDID
openudid_md5Matched on openUDID variant
openudid_md5_lowercaseMatched on openUDID variant
openudid_md5_md5Matched on openUDID variant
openudid_sha1Matched on openUDID variant
openudid_sha1_lowercaseMatched on openUDID variant
openudid_sha1_md5Matched on openUDID variant
openudid_sha1_sha1Matched on openUDID variant
twitterTwitter claim & last click in
twitter_claimTwitter claim, not last click in

*There are many potential email addresses which may be passed but all are email addresses collected by the operating system.


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