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Apple’s Privacy Manifest

Developing Document: This is a dynamic document that will be updated as Kochava adjusts to changes and updates that come from Apple.


New to iOS 17 is Apple’s privacy manifest, which is a combination of multiple privacy-oriented features.

Apple’s Privacy Manifest

While Apple’s privacy manifest is new to iOS 17, enforcement does not begin until spring of 2024. Developers and SDK providers will be able to use this time to fully understand the nuances, implementation and ramifications of privacy manifest in a production environment.

The modules of the Kochava SDK will be updated in the near future to include privacy manifests. These manifests will include, but are not limited to:

  • Privacy tracking enabled (bool)
  • This indicates if tracking may take place.

  • Privacy tracking domains
  • This is a list of domains which are used for tracking.

  • Privacy nutrition label types
  • This is a list of sensitive data types which the SDK may access.

  • Privacy accessed api types
  • This is a list of apis being accessed which are privacy sensitive.


We will also be separating the Apple SDK’s measurement and tracking functions into separate modules, KochavaMeasurement and KochavaTracking. All of the previous measurement functions will continue to operate the same as they did before, with essentially the same APIs, now under module KochavaMeasurement. A new optional module KochavaTracking will be provided for when tracking-specific functionality is desired.

Finally, xcframeworks will be signed using the new signatures methodology Apple has provided in Xcode 15.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding privacy manifest in general, please contact your Customer Success Management team.

Last Modified: Oct 20, 2023 at 8:52 am