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10 Minute Guide to Your 1st Campaign

The following document provides the steps for setting up a campaign within Kochava from start to finish within 10 minutes.


NOTE: This document is providing the basic information for getting your first campaign running. For more in-depth information on specific areas within Kochava, refer to Related Pages support documentation links provided.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Create an App Within Kochava
  • Integrate Kochava SDK successfully into an app.

Create an Install Campaign

  1. Select the desired app.
  2. Select App Tools>Campaign Manager.



  4. Click Add a Campaign.
  5. Enter the Campaign Name.
  6. Enter the Default Destination URL.
  7. Click Submit.




NOTE: For more information about Creating an Install Campaign, refer to our Create an Install Campaign support documentation.

Create a Segment

  1. Select Campaign Tools>New Segment.
  2. Enter the Segment Name.
  3. Click Submit.



Create a Tracker

  1. Select Segment Tools>New Tracker.
  2. Enter Tracker Name.
  3. Select the desired network.
  4. Click Save.


Create a Postback

  1. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.



  3. Click Add a Configuration.
  4. Select a Network Partner.
  5. Click Go.
  6. Select Install>Postback Tools>Edit.
  7. Enter network specific data.

    NOTE: The network specific data will vary depending on the selected network. For more information about network specific data, contact your account manager.


  9. Click Save.



A. Enter network specific data


NOTE: For more information about creating a Kochava-Certified postback, refer to our Create a Kochava-Certified Postback support documentation.


Last Modified: May 17, 2017 at 9:12 am