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Create a Private Network

Serving ads yourself can be of great benefit for avoiding the costs associated of running ads through a Network. Not only is there a cost benefit to running a Private Network, but you also have more control over the context in which the ad appears.


Use Cases for a Private Network:

  • You have a large user base for your app and want to serve ads in the context of your app.
  • You have your own website on which you want to serve ads.
  • You have a source interested in banners or interstitials within one of your apps.


NOTE: SmartLinks  are an alternative to creating a Private Network. For more information about SmartLinks, refer to our Create a SmartLink support documentation.

Create a Private Network

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Click on Account Settings>Media Partner Profiles.


  4. Click Add a Media Partner Profile.
  5. Enter a unique Network Name.
  6. Check Include New Apps. (optional)
  7. Click + and Select the desired App(s).

    NOTE: If the Include New Apps option is checked, the Private Network will be available to new apps that are created in the Kochava Dashboard.

    NOTE: Any specific app that is selected, the Private Network will be available to within the Kochava Dashboard.


  9. Click Add a Macro to enter any additional Macros that need to be associated with this Private Network. (optional)

    NOTE: Site_id and device_id are default Macros.


    A. Enter a Unique Network Name
    B. Select Apps the Private Network will be available to within Kochava.


  11. Click Save.


NOTE: Once a Private Network is created, it will be available during the Media Partner selection portion of tracker creation. Select the Private Network and the associated click URL will populate accordingly.

NOTE: No Postback is required for a Private Network campaign. Custom Postback can be created for additional configuration.


Last Modified: May 25, 2018 at 11:42 am