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Twitter Partner Naming Conventions

As a Kochava customer you have the opportunity to work with a variety of Twitter Partners and track each of these campaigns individually within Kochava.


NOTE: If a tracker is not properly setup for each Twitter Partner, attribution data will be sent to the Twitter proper tracker.

Twitter Partner Naming Conventions

The following is a list of the proper naming conventions to be used in the campaign name during setup within Twitter.


Twitter Partner Naming Convention
Adaptly – Twitter-Android adaptly
Adaptly – Twitter-iOS adaptly
Adparlor – Twitter-Android adparlor
Adparlor – Twitter-iOS adparlor
ADTZ – Twitter-Android adtz
ADTZ – Twitter-iOS adtz
Ampush – Twitter-Android ampush
Ampush – Twitter-iOS ampush
Brand Networks – Twitter brandnetworks
Comprendi – Twitter-Android comprendi
Comprendi – Twitter-iOS comprendi
Glow – Twitter-Android glow
Glow – Twitter-iOS glow
Kinetic Social – Twitter-Android kinetic
Kinetic Social – Twitter-iOS kinetic
Nanigans – Twitter-Android nanigans
Nanigans – Twitter-iOS nanigans
Predict Effect – Twitter-Android predicteffect
Predict Effect – Twitter-iOS predicteffect
Septeni – Twitter-Android septeni
Septeni – Twitter-iOS septeni
Shift – Twitter-Android shift
Shift – Twitter-iOS shift
Social Code – Twitter socialcode
Sprinklr – Twitter – Android sprinklr
Sprinklr – Twitter – iOS sprinklr
TBG – Twitter-Android tbg
TBG – Twitter-iOS tbg
Twitter – 4c 4cinsights
Twitter – 4c 4cinsights
Twitter – Cyberagent cyberagent
Twitter – Manage manage
Twitter – MZ mzp0562
Twitter Publisher Network – Android tpn
Twitter Publisher Network – iOS tpn
Unified Social – Twitter-Android unified
Unified Social – Twitter-iOS unified
Amobee – Twitter amobee


Last Modified: May 8, 2018 at 2:38 pm