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Create an Instagram or Instagram FMP Campaign

The following document defines the process for creating an Instagram and/or Instagram FMPs (Facebook Marketing Partners) campaign within Kochava.

NOTE: Instagram is property of Facebook, so Instagram tracking will be setup within the Facebook Campaign.

NOTE: The acronym FMP began to be used in early 2015 and was previously known as PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer). FMP and PMD refer to the same class of vetted and officially approved Facebook partners.

NOTE: Before creating a Tracker with an FMP publisher, contact the FMP to ensure compatibility with the app operating platform.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Facebook App ID (15 digit id obtained in the Facebook power editor account)


NOTE: The Instagram setup process for iOS and Android is similar and therefore this document will cover the setup for both operating systems, with specific differences noted.

Create a Facebook Campaign

If not previously setup, create a Facebook campaign within Kochava. For more information on creating a Facebook Campaign, refer to our Create a Facebook Campaign support documentation.

Create an Instagram Segment

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select App Tools>Campaign Manager.


  4. Select Facebook>Campaign Tools>Add a Segment.


  6. Enter the Segment Name.
  7. NOTE: It is recommended that the new Segment should be titled Instagram. For the following instructions, it is assumed that the Segment is named Instagram, however the title of the Segment can be chosen based upon advertiser preferences.

  8. Enter the Segment Description. (optional)
  9. Click Submit.

Create a Tracker

  1. Click Add a Tracker or Select Segment Tools>Add a Tracker.
    1. Select the Campaign.
    2. Select the Segment.

    NOTE: In order to streamline the Campaign/Segment/Tracker creation process a feature has been added to allow the creation of campaigns and segments while creating a new tracker. For more information about creating a campaign or segment while adding a new tracker, refer to our Create an Install Campaign support document. support documentation.



  2. Enter a Tracker Name.
  3. Select Tracker Type>Acquisition. (default setting)
  4. Select Select a Network>Instagram.
  5. NOTE: To create a Tracker for an FMP (Facebook Marketing Partner), select the corresponding FMP network.

  6. Copy and Retain the Campaign ID.
  7. Click Submit. (If no further trackers need to be created)
  8. Click Save & Add Another Tracker. (If additional trackers need to be created)
  9. Click Save & Create Postback. (To navigate directly to the Partner Configuration page).

    A. Campaign and Segment selection/creation section.

Create an Install Postback Configuration

  1. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.


  3. Click Add a Configuration.
  4. Select Network Partner>Instagram.
  5. NOTE: To create a Postback for an FMP (Facebook Marketing Partner), select the corresponding FMP network.

  6. Click Go.


  8. Select Install>Postback Tools>Edit.
  9. Enter the Facebook App ID.
  10. Enter the Campaign ID into the Kochava Click Tracker ID field.
  11. Select a Delivery Delay. (optional)
  12. Select a Retry Attempts. (optional)
  13. Click Save.

Create a Post-Install Postback Configuration

NOTE: If you are running both Facebook and Instagram campaigns only one postback will need to be created for post-install events. If a post-install event postback is created for both the number of events will be incorrect in Facebooks dashboard as the events are not deduplicated.

  1. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.


  3. Locate the desired event and Click Edit Postback.
  4. Enter the Facebook App ID.
  5. Enter the Instagram Event Name.
  6. NOTE: For post-install event postback, a valid Instagram Event Name must be used. For more information about the naming conventions required for a post-install event postback, refer to Facebook for Developers App Events support document.

  7. Enter the Campaign ID into the Kochava Click Tracker ID.
  8. Select a Delivery Delay. (optional)
  9. Select a Retry Attempts. (optional)
  10. Select a Delivery Method. (optional)


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