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Default Reconciliation Settings

This document defines the Default reconciliation settings which defines the default setting for each partner configuration. These settings may be overridden at the partner level.

Default Reconciliation Settings User Interface

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired app.
  3. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.



  5. Select the Partner Configuration drop down menu>Default Reconciliation Settings.



Matched Forwards

Forwarding Method:

  • Forward matched installs to matched partner (only installs attributed to the partner responsible for the install)
  • Forward all installs to all partners (all matched installs to all partners)


NOTE: By default, Forward matched installs to matched partner is selected.

Reconciliation Methods

Install Reprocessing Lookback:

Install Reprocessing Lookback allows installs to be re-attributed after the selected number of days.


NOTE: By default, Reconciliation Methods is set to default (which is indefinite).

Attribution Tiers

Device Attribution:

  • Standard (Standard attribution model)
  • Inclusive (Enables fingerprint reconciliation when device is present on click)


NOTE: By default, Device Attribution is set to Standard.

NOTE: For more information about the Kochava Attribution Engine, refer to our Attribution Overview support documentation.


Fingerprint Attribution:

  • Standard (Combination of complete IP address and user agent)
  • IP Address Only (Only the IP address is considered, the user agent is ignored)
  • IP Address Range (Only the first 3 stanzas of the IP address are considered, and the user agent is ignored)


NOTE: By default, Fingerprint Attribution is set to Standard.



Common Configurations


  • Match Fidelity – Average
  • Relative Conversion Rate – Average
  • Device Attribution – Standard
  • Fingerprint Attribution – Standard


NOTE: If device_id exists on click, fingerprint matching is not attempted. If no device_ id is present on click, standard fingerprinting (Ip Address + Device Version + OS Version) is employed.





  • Match Fidelity – Low
  • Relative Conversion Rate – High
  • Device Attribution – Inclusive
  • Fingerprint Attribution – IP Address Range


NOTE: All unmatched clicks, regardless of the presence of device_id on click, are available to be fingerprint matched if desired. Fingerprint reconciliation set to IP Address Range will match on the first 3 stanzas of IP Address only.




Last Modified: May 17, 2017 at 1:16 pm