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Mixpanel Postback Configuration

The following document defines the process for creating a Mixpanel postback within Kochava. Mixpanel is a mobile analytics company which Kochava can send custom postback data.


Data Needed Before Beginning Process:

  • Mixpanel Token (obtained from the Mixpanel User Interface)


NOTE: The Mixpanel setup process for iOS and Android is similar and therefore this document will cover the setup for both operating systems, with specific differences noted.

Create a Postback Configuration

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.


  1. Click Add a Configuration.
  2. Select a Network Partner:
    1. Mixpanel – Android
    2. Mixpanel – iOS
  3. Click Go.


    NOTE: By default, the Install event is displayed in the configured section of the postback configuration panel. This postback must still have the Mixpanel token entered to postback properly.

  5. Click Install > Postback Tools () > Create.
  6. Enter the Mixpanel Token.
  7. Select Supply Network Data to Analytics Partner.
  8. Select Distinct ID.
  9. Select the Delivery Delay.
  10. Select the Retry Attempts.
  11. Select Deliver Method > All.
  12. Click Save.



NOTE: For more information about custom settings within the postback, refer to Create a Custom Postback.


Last Modified: Oct 5, 2022 at 1:35 pm