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Data Subject Request API

A Data Subject Request API provides companies with a standard interface that allows their users to request access to their data or request their data be deleted or updated.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) outline the rights of users to view, update, or remove their personal data that businesses have collected. Any of these requests submitted by a user is called a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) or a Subject Access Request (SAR).


What are Data Subject Request APIs important?

The Data Subject Request API makes it possible for businesses to easily retrieve and process these requests to ensure their compliance with data protection laws. By providing users with the ability to submit requests and for businesses to streamline the process can increase the trust and transparency between businesses and users.


How do Data Subject Requests work?

For requests under GDPR, a data subject can make the request either verbally or in writing. However, requests under CCPA must give data subjects at least two ways to submit requests, one of which is a toll-free number.

Both GDPR and CCPA require organizations to provide responses to DSARs that align with the data subject rights as outlined in their privacy policy and these policies should include clear instructions on how a request can be made.


Data Subject Request APIs and Kochava

Kochava has implemented a data subject request API to allow data subjects to request data collected by Kochava. Access requests will find any information associated with the given user ID stored across the Kochava systems.

For more information on our data requests, please refer to our support documentation or contact us at

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