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Confirming the SKAdNetwork Conversion Model

After setting up a SKAdNetwork conversion model, no additional code changes are required within the app. However, the following steps should be taken to ensure that your SKAdNetwork conversion model will produce the results you expect.

Launch App and Trigger Conversion Events

  1. Prior to testing, please wait roughly 30 minutes for SKAdNetwork conversion model changes to propagate.
  2. Within a test environment, uninstall the app so that all persisted data is cleared.
  3. Configure debug level logging when starting the SDK refer to iOS Using the SDK :: Logging.
  4. Install and launch the app and start the SDK on a device running iOS 14+.
  5. Trigger each event listed in your SKAdNetwork conversion model. For revenue events, be sure to set an appropriate price value.
  6. After 30 seconds, terminate the app and acquire the debug level log.

Analyze the Log

Within the debug level log, filter the log entries to those containing “Kochava Diagnostic” and then follow the validation instructions below:

  1. Verify a log entry exists which begins with:

    Kochava Diagnostic – SKAdNetwork API called: registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution()


    If this message does not exist, ensure you have called KVAAdNetworkProduct.shared.register() in code before starting the tracker, as described in Using the SDK :: SKAdNetwork. If you have already done this, it is likely the SKAdNetwork conversion model changes haven’t finished propagating yet. Please wait 30 minutes and restart the testing steps from the beginning.

  3. For each eligible conversion event triggered in your code, you should see this matching log entry, which indicates the event being triggered does match one of the events listed in your SKAdNetwork conversion model:

    Kochava Diagnostic – Event is eligible for adnetwork conversion


    For example, if you triggered 4 eligible conversion events, you should see 4 of these messages. If you do not see these messages, ensure each event name listed in your SKAdNetwork conversion model matches one of the event names or standard event types being triggered in code.

  5. Lastly, ensure conversion events are triggering conversion value updates as expected. To verify this, for each event which you expect to trigger a conversion update you should see a matching log line which begins with:

    Kochava Diagnostic – Conversion translated value **increased**


    This log entry will also indicate the actual value passed to the updateConversionValue() call. However, you do not necessarily need to understand the value itself, only that the value did increase.

    If you do not see the expected conversion update increases, double check the event parameters you are setting in code for the conversion event as well as the order of events within the SKAdNetwork conversion model. For example, if using a revenue conversion model be sure you’re setting a “price” event parameter. If using a highest event model be sure to trigger the events in ascending order.

    NOTE: If testing a revenue conversion model, conversion value increases will only occur when the sum total revenue of all events triggered reaches a new revenue bucket. This means that multiple revenue events may need to be triggered before a conversion update takes place.


At this point you are done and have confirmed the events tracked within your app are triggering the proper SKAdNetwork conversion updates.


Last Modified: Jul 19, 2023 at 3:29 pm