Test a Campaign

The following document defines the process for testing a Campaign within Kochava.


Preparation of the Test Device: (Complete one of the following)

  • The test device has never had the app installed.
  • The app has been uninstalled and the device has been scrubbed. For more information on scrubbing the test device, refer to our Scrubbing a Device ID support documentation.
  • The app has been uninstalled and the device has been whitelisted within Kochava. For more information on whitelisting the test device, refer to our Whitelisting a Device ID support documentation.


Procedures Completed Before Beginning Process:

  • Campaign successfully created within Kochava. For more information, refer to our Campaign Management support documentation.
  • Postback successfully created within Kochava. For more information, refer to our Create a Custom Postback support documentation.

Testing a Campaign Procedures

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Locate the desired app.
  3. Select App Tools>Campaign Manager.



  5. Locate the desired Campaign and click the expand button.
  6. Locate the desired Tracker, Select Campaign Tools>Edit Tracker.



  8. Locate the Click URL.
  9. Copy and Email the Click URL to an email address accessible from the test device.
  10. Replace Macros.

    NOTE: It is vitally important that the Device_ID parameter macros be replaced with your devices identifier if testing device level matching.


  12. From the test device, Click the Click URL.
  13. Install the app.

    NOTE: Ensure to install a version of the app that contains the Kochava SDK.


  15. Launch the app on the test device.

    NOTE: After the app has been installed, it MUST be launched to complete the attribution process.


  17. Select App Tools>Partner Configuration.



  19. Select the Install Postback>Postback Tools>Recent Postbacks.



NOTE: Examine the Recent Postback list for the install event for the test device.




 NOTE: If the app install onto the test device does not appear in the Recent Postbacks, contact an Account Manager for further assistance.



Last Modified: Dec 7, 2016 at 11:45 am