Create/Edit Apps

The following document defines the process for creating an app within Kochava.


NOTE: If you are using our pixel tracking option to track something other than an app on a landing page (such as registrations, searches, or offer accepts), you can create an “app” that is your landing page. The process is the same.

NOTE: The following procedures are for all app platforms. Where differences exist between platforms, specific instructions have been provided.

Required Settings

  1. Log into Kochava.
  2. Select Account Options>Apps.



  4. Click Add an App.
  5. Enter the App Name.

    NOTE: Kochava recommends the following naming convention (App Name-Platform-AccountName) in order easily locate specific apps. The use of dashed, dots or hyphens is acceptable to use to separate the different parts of the app name.


  7. Choose a Platform:
  8. a. Android
    b. BlackBerry 5-7
    c. BlackBerry 10
    d. iOS
    e. Kindle
    f. Windows




  9. If no additional settings need to be modified, Click Save.
  10. If additional settings need to be modified, proceed to the Optional Settings section of this document.

Optional Settings

  1. Select Is Your App Live On An App Store?:
  2. a. Yes (App is live on an app store)
    b. No (App is not live on an app store)

  3. Enter the App Store URL. (optional)

    NOTE: The App Store URL is the location from which the app can be downloaded (Google Play, Google Market  or iTunes Store URL) if available. Once entered, the App Store URL will become the Default Destination URL for click tracking links.


    BEST PRACTICES: For Android apps, it is more efficient to set your App Store URL to Google Market.  For more information, refer to the Google Linking to Your Product support documentation.


    NOTE: For apps targeting the Samsung marketplace, please use the following DeepLink convention for App Store URL. Example: samsungapps://ProductPage/ProdoctDetail


  5. Enter the App Store ID. (optional)
  6. Enter the app SKU. (optional)



  8. Adjust Group Permissions. (optional)

    NOTE: Turning a group OFF will not allow that specific group access to this app, while turning a group ON will allow that group access.



Advanced Settings


  1. Enable Traffic Processing. (optional)

    NOTE: By default Traffic Processing is disabled.


  3. Enable iBeacons. (optional)

    NOTE: By default iBeacons is disabled. For more information about iBeacons, contact your Client Success Managers.



  1. Select the Transaction Time:
  2. a. Device
    b. Kochava


    NOTE: By default the Transaction Time is set to Device which sends the time of install based on the device’s time. When Kochava is selected, if the device does not have internet access at the time of first launch, the time of attribution will be logged at the time Kochava receives the install attribution data. On S2S installs if Kochava is selected the attribution time will always be logged at time of receipt.


  3. Enable Overwrite Origination IP. (optional)

    NOTE: By default Overwrite Origination IP is disabled. When enabled, the IP provided with origination_ip will be overwritten with the IP sent with the request. This setting should remain disabled unless specifically instructed by your Client Success Managers.


  5. Enable Use Short Version. (optional)

    NOTE: By default Use Short Version is disabled. When enabled the app version is reported as CF BundleShortVersionString instead of CF BundleVersion for iOS, and versionName instead of versionCode for Android.



  1. Enable Currency Normalization.

    NOTE: By default Currency Normalization is enabled. When this option is enabled, Kochava will dynamically convert all inbound purchase events with a non-US currency to a US Dollar currency.




SDK Device Identifier Gathering:

This section provides access to determine whether specific types of device IDs are gathered or not. The following device IDs may be selected for collection:

  • MAC
  • ODIN
  • Open UDID
  • Facebook Attribution ID
  • Android ID
  • ADID
  • IMEI
  • ADID + Others
  • IDFV
  • Email Address (OFF by default)


NOTE: Send Identifier Updates when enabled notifies Kochava when a device ID has been updated and provides the new device ID for the associated device. Before toggling this setting to ON, contact your Client Success Managers for further details.



Last Modified: Feb 23, 2018 at 5:39 pm