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Create a Total LTV Campaign

Kochava’s Total LTV solution enables marketers to visualize the Total LTV for their users (which includes ad revenue from the app). This will involve the ability to detect mediation/ad network serve calls within an app and collect all the necessary ad-serving metadata and passing it to our servers via your SDK integration or S2S integration. Data passed to Kochava as a named event of “Ad View” in the SDK/S2S, along with app credentials supplied by the marketer, will allow Kochava to collide the real-time ad revenue associated to the impression for each integrated mediation/ad network. As the Ad View event is received it will be associated to the collected ad revenue based on the event metadata provided. The more detailed the event metadata the more accurate the ad revenue will be (e.g., if we know the ad network and the ad set and placement when several revenue campaigns are active serving various ad formats in the app). In order to show the ad revenue via our Revenue and LTV metrics, it requires that the marketer identify the Ad View event as “Is Revenue” in the Events page in our UI.


This document provides the steps for both a SDK Integration and a server-to-server integration, however only one type of integration is necessary.


The following section provides the instructions for integrating with Kochava through the use of an SDK or a server-to-server integration.

NOTE: Passing a “Revenue” parameter will override the data retrieved from your monetization partner.

SDK Integration:

The Kochava SDK allows advertisers to integrate a single SDK to leverage the hundreds of ad network and publisher partners integrated with Kochava. This limits the number of third-party SDKs required to run a successful UA strategy and greatly reduces complexity during update cycles. Integrate the desired SDK using the following instructions:


NOTE: The Ad View event needs to be included as part of the SDK Integration.

Server-to-Server Integration:

A S2S Integration is a method of integrating an app with Kochava without an SDK or any code change required in the app. S2S integration requires that installs and events are tracked on the client server side. For more information about the Install Notification Setup or Post-Install Events Setup, refer to our support documentation.

To send the Total LTV event from your application, call the following endpoint with a post payload containing the Ad View JSON element.


Endpoint —


JSON PropertyExample ValueDescriptionReq.
data{}Each event is a JSON object Yes
event_name: event stringevent_name -> A string representation of an event that has happened.
event_data: value stringevent_data -> A corresponding value associated to the Ad View.
event_data{}device_type: stringdevice_type -> The device type of the device. No
placement: stringplacement -> The location of the ad being served.
ad_type: stringad_type -> The type of ad being served.
ad_campaign_id: string (int)ad_campaign_id -> Unique identifier associated with the ad being served.
ad_campaign_name: stringad_campaign_name -> The user defined name for the ad campaign to which the Ad View event is associated.
ad_size: stringad_size -> The size of the ad being served.
ad_group_name: stringad_group_name -> The ad group name of the device to which the ad was served.
ad_group_id: string (int)ad_group_id -> The ad group ID of the device to which the ad was served.
ad_network_name: stringad_network_name -> The name of the network to which the ad was served.
ad_mediation_namead_mediation_name -> The name of the network that actually served the ad, when using mediation.
revenue: string (int)revenue -> If this field is populated the value will be used in LTV. Otherwise, the real-time ad revenue service by Kochava will be used.


Example —

    "data": {
        "usertime": "1483898425",
        "device_ids": {
            "idfa": "kochava-test-idfa-2015-12-09-12"
        "event_name": "Ad View",
        "origination_ip": "",
        "event_data": {
            "revenue": 0.08
    "action": "event",
    "kochava_app_id": "kosoomla-test-ios-jcl7rzs"

Partner Integrations

Kochava provides specific instructions and examples for partners who can provide Total LTV data. For more information on Ad LTV Integration, refer to our support documentation.

Total LTV in Analytics

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired Account and App.
  3. Select Analytics > LTV.


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