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Analytics, Reports & API

Kochava provides an industry leading Analytics and Reporting system which clearly displays insights into users’ behavior, habits, and traffic patterns. Kochava sorts through vast amounts of data and using predictive analysis techniques can identify actionable insights into business.

Analytics Documentation

Analytics Overview
Analytics Overview Detail
Analytics Event Volume
Analytics Event Detail
Analytics Daily Active Users
Analytics Footprint
Analytics Retention
Analytics Retention (Advanced)
Analytics Funnel
Analytics Lifetime Value
Analytics Monthly Active Users
Analytics Revenue Per User
Analytics Explorer
Analytics Page Tools
Analytics Metrics

Reporting Documentation

Pulling Reports
Reports Overview
Self Attributing Networks Campaign Data Mapping

Audiences and Exports


API Documentation

Create and Manage an API Key
API v1.4 – Call Structure
API v1.4 – Querying API
API v1.4 – Requesting and Scheduling Reports
App Management API
Introduction to the Premium Publisher API
Premium Publisher API Campaign Management
Premium Publisher API Postback Triggers
Agency API Campaign Management
Links API

Reference Information

Matched by DefinitionsProvides a list of the ID to which attribution may be matched to and the definition for each ID.
API Change LogProvides a list of the changes from API version to version.


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